Quixotic Fusion – Artistically Deconstructing Landmarks in Kansas City

Quixotic Fusion's projection on Union Station

Quixotic Fusion brought their building-bending magic to Kansas City’s Union Station in September of 2014. (Screenshot courtesy of Quixotic Fusion’s promotional trailer, below.)

I have seen buildings explode and reassemble within seconds. I have seen landmarks dance to music. I have seen solid structures open up and reveal magical machinery and fanciful animation. I have seen it all thanks to Quixotic Fusion in Kansas City.

Quixotic Fusion is impossible to describe. It’s dance. It’s graphic design. It’s music. It’s acrobatics and contortion. It’s monumental, and it must not be missed.

I’ve been to several shows, and they are fantastic and surreal. It is Cirque du Soleil without the Cirque – or ridiculous clowns.

But Quixotic Fusion is at its absolute best when it breaks out the 3-D projectors and transforms buildings into art right before your eyes at one-time-only events. Most recently, this weekend, Quixotic Fusion helped Union Station celebrate its 100th Anniversary with a mind-bending display that constructed the station and told the story of its heyday, its decline and its rebirth.

Union Station Centennial Experience from Quixotic on Vimeo.

When Kansas City’s Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts opened, Quixotic got real attention for its 3D animation and visual de-and-re-construction of the brand new Moshe Safdie designed auditoria. The video below is one I have easily watched a dozen times and show to any friend willing to listen. I think this is the best of the three monumental scale projections I have seen, and it’s worth a look.

Opening Night ‘Projections’. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Kansas City – September 16, 2011 from Quixotic on Vimeo.

Last year, I was excited to get to see a full Quixotic Fusion performance at the Nelson Atkins Muesum of Art, and it was a true display of all their talents. Live band. Acrobats. Aerial performances. Dancers. Projections. It was all there is grand display, though the up-hill view on the Nelson’s lawn and sculpture garden made an uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating stage for viewing of people performances.

But once the building lit up for another monumental 3D projection, my heart stopped and my mind gave itself in to the warped and whimsical sketching and structural play that continued for only a few minutes, though I could have watched for hours.

Quixotic ‘Surfaces’ Finale – Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, April 28th 2013 from Quixotic on Vimeo.

So how do you get lucky enough to see these things? I must admit, it’s difficult. First, you have to be in Kansas City at the right time, and it’s not like they do these things night after night. They are always (so far, at least) one-time only performances. They’re very public, but I don’t believe they get enough media attention to give you much warning.

I’d definitely recommend frequently checking the Quixotic Fusion website frequently. Sign up for any and every newsletter they have. Subscribe to their blog. As soon as you get wind of one of their building projection shows, do everything you can to be there, because as amazing as these videos are – they are so much more awe-inspiring in person.

Also, check out the Quixotic Fusion Flicker Stream to see some stunning images from some of their incredible performances.

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