Gunnison State Wildlife Area – Birds and Bunnies and Bears, Oh My!

Gunnison State Wildlife Area

Gunnison State Wildlife Area seemed like a promising place to watch wildlife.

Have you every played two truths and a lie? That headline is my twist on this. Guess which one is the lie!

During our few days’ visit to the Gunnison area to see the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, we drove around the Gunnison area quite a bit. Just east of town was a small sign off a gravel mountain road promising a wildlife viewing area, so during our last evening in town, I figured it was worth a shot.

The wildlife area is six miles east of Gunnison on Highway 50, and it was set aside by the state of Colorado set it aside as hunting ground for deer, elk, rabbit, dusky blue grouse, waterfowl and coldwater stream fishing.

The wildlife area is relatively new, only opening in April 2011, but it’s already kind of sad. It’s one gravel road through a meadow valley, and there was not much wildlife to be seen.

I mean, there was some wildlife. We saw a few bunnies, but they were too fast to photograph.

Gunnison Wildlife Area

Look! Wildlife! (It’s sitting on the frame.)

And we saw birds. They were also fast, but at least we got photographic evidence of one of them sitting on one of the damaged display sign holders on a viewing deck.

The place was pretty, but at the time we visited, it was desolate. There were two campers and some kids on an ATV running up and down the mountainsides.

The valley featured a creek running through it, and as sunset approached it really was a picturesque, scenic Colorado drive. Maybe if we had spent more time, maybe if we could have been there at a different time, maybe if the ATV kids hadn’t run the animals off… maybe I would have a more interesting thing to write.

But that was not the case, and so this is the first Flyover Adventures are to earn the “Disappointments” Tag.

We were promised deer and elk. We got birds and bunnies. But the bears? They were my lie.

Scenic Drive near Gunnison

The Gunnison Wildlife Area was great as a scenic drive, but the wildlife viewing was a disappointment on my visit.

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